Life Safety for your Home

Bertke Electrical Services and Testing supports home safety and would like you to know more about how to better protect your family and home with updated smoke / carbon detectors …

  • Replace your smoke / carbon monoxide detector batteries annually.
  • Replace your smoke / carbon monoxide detector per the manufacturer’s recommendation. This should be done every 5-7-10 years depending on model. You will find this information in your manufacturer’s specification / manual information provided with your product or you can go on-line and look up this information by searching for your manufacturer and model #. Product installed after the year 2000 is required to have a date on the back side of it identifying the manufactured date.
  • The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends that smoke / carbon detectors should be placed throughout your home. To have the best protection and early warning Bertke highly recommends that you place units in the following areas: (1) unfinished basement preferably by mechanical equipment such as furnace, water heater etc. (1) finished basement close to bottom of stairway, (1) first floor living area near top of stairway or hallway. (1) second floor hallway near top of stairway, (1) in each sleeping area. These units should be hard wired with battery backup along with an interconnected wire to each other so when one sounds they all sound. (the new wireless technology units are also acceptable where they are interconnected via an RF signal).
  • If your home has natural gas then your units should be combination type units protecting you against smoke and carbon monoxide gas. These units should again be placed in the same locations as stated above for maximum protection.
  • There are two common types of detectors for your home (ionization type) which detect the slow smoldering fire and (photoelectric type) which detect the quick flame type. Bertke highly recommends that you have both types in your home. Talk to one of our trained technicians to learn where to install these different types of detectors.
  • There is new wireless technology that can make it less expensive to update your home and our technicians have this product on their fully stocked vans ready to be installed in today.