Safe & Sound Program

STOP Problems Before They Start with Bertke’s Safe & Sound Program

In 2009 a residential fire occurred every 87 seconds, amounting to 480,500 fires which resulted in 14,4700 injuries and 2,645 deaths. Totaling over $10.8 billion in damages. *

*Most current statistics from NFPA data

“With homeowner education, improved safety standards &. programs like the protection plan, homes are being protected and lives are being saved. I urge you to consider this. Many fires and electrical deaths are caused by factors that could have been avoided by regular maintenance.” -Vernon T. Houchin, retired Captain of the St. Louis Fire Department

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Current Voltage Analysis

Overloaded circuits and voltage problems at the main panel are major problems that the homeowner should be concerned with in their home. We use our metering equipment to test for and identify any current and voltage problems that may exist.  We accomplish this by having the homeowner turn on all electrical devices in the home, including lights and appliances, and then our technicians will take the actual readings at the panel. These readings will identify any overloaded circuits or voltage problems.

Infrared Thermography Scanning

Heat buildup due to poor installation, defective or aging parts and equipment and overloaded circuits will all cause overheating and can be potential fire hazards if left undetected. By using infrared thermography equipment on the main service to the house, the electric panel(s), all electrical devices and equipment inside and outside of the home, we are able to identify potential problems by identifying any hot spots that are occurring in the home.

Electrical Device & Circuit Analysis

We use specialized metering equipment at all accessible outlets to test for potential electrical shock, faulty wiring at the device, loose connections, improper grounding and even faulty wiring behind the walls. By measuring the voltage, impedance values, voltage drop and available short circuit current at each outlet we are able to identify any potential problems that may exist. We also check that your GFCI outlets and your Arc Fault Breakers are performing properly.

Ultrasonic Detector

The heating up of devices and wiring occurs over time but before there is any sign of heat there will be arcing that occurs. Ultrasonic allows our trained technicians to hear the arcing long before it can become a potential hazard. This allows us to catch a potential future problem that any of our other equipment would not have identified.

System Grounding

The grounding system in your home is critical in protecting you and your valuables. We check to make sure that your grounding system was sized properly, installed properly and that any changes that have occurred over the life of your home have not jeopardized the integrity of your grounding system. Proper grounding prevents electric shock and potential fires.