Service Upgrades

How much power does one home need?

Did you know that…

A 100 amp rated service is today’s minimum standard requirement, many homes in the area still have 60 amp services.

The proper voltage for Residential Homes is 120/240 volts.

If you have an overhead service that everything attached to your home is your responsibility to have repaired.

One of the most common problems of overhead services is that the point of attachment pulls loose from the house due to storms.

One of the most common problems of underground services is ground settlement causing stress on the wires and in turn shorts out the meter base or pulls the conduit away from the home.

Service entrance cable installed on most homes only has a life span of approximately 10-20 years.

Water will seep through the deteriorating cable and cause major damage to your electric meter, panel and circuit breakers.

Circuit breakers and panels have an average life span of 20-25 years.

Most homes are equipped with panels that have the least amount of space for distribution of branch circuits.

Aluminum wiring connection points must have an inhibitor installed that prevents expansion and contraction resulting in overheating and loose connections.

Is you panel safe?

  • Is it protected by a main circuit breaker?
  • Is it an obsolete Federal Pacific Panel with possible distinctive orange handle circuit breakers? WARNING this panel has lost its UL listing click this link for more details
  • Is it a split bus panel with more than 6 disconnects to shut down the entire house?
  • Are there any double taps? (more than one wire attached to a breaker or terminal)
  • Are all branch circuits properly sized for the attached wire?
  • Are all wires installed properly to meet today’s National Electric Code as well as Local Standards?
  • Does your panel have arc fault circuit breaker technology?
  • Does it have surge protection?

Do you have adequate space to expand your electrical needs?

  • We can install panel replacements with the following number of branch circuit distribution spaces.
    • 100 amp rated panels with 30 available spaces
    • 150 amp rated panels with 32 available spaces
    • 200 amp rated panels with 42 available spaces

Do you know why grounding and bonding is very important?

  • Your home should have at least (2) of the following means of grounding or bonding to have a safe and proper working electrical system to prevent shock hazards.
    • Ground rod(s) present.
    • Copper water pipe system grounding.
    • Rebar bonding